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The Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches's third generation, the 1963 ST 105.003.

This model's transitional status, which was produced between 1964-69, is identified by two hallmarks. In 1964's earlier 105.002-62, a major aesthetic shift was made: the permanent transfer of the baton hands to the model. This has been used ever since. The ST105.003 is also known as the Ed White, after the first astronaut who walked in space (during Gemini IV). This was the second Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches to be designated as a "straight-lug".

Astronaut Ed White is seen floating in space microgravity outside of the Gemini IV spacecraft. His ST 105.003 black Velcro strap can be clearly seen on his left wrist. (Image:

The ST105.003 is also known as the "Pre-Professional", Panerai Swiss Replica Watches and was certified by NASA in 1965 to be the official watch of the astronauts on the Gemini missions. This model is now available at a price of PS20,000+.

For one reason, the ST105.012 is the earliest of its lines. It features the famous Lyre, or twisted, lugs. These include guards for the crown, and pushers for the chronograph. Petros points out that the use of "Professional" in the dial's first sentence is not due to NASA results. This disproves the myth that the dial was made for this purpose. Petros says, "It was just coincidence that NASA tested non-Professional watches, and then later when NASA began ordering watches -- four different batch -- the second batch they ordered consisted entirely of both." The final batch contained 105.012 and 145.012.

NASA tested watches only with Calibre 321 at that time.Rolex Replica They received only 105.003, 105.012, and 145.012. for all their original deliveries for Gemini, Apollo, and Gemini. This is crucial for anyone who wants models that are identical to the ones used by NASA. NASA purchased 98 watches, so astronauts had many options.

The 105.012 is notable for its first appearance of an asymmetrical case with protective shoulders to protect the crown and pushers. This case was made a month prior to the "Ed White" and Buzz Aldrin used it. This writer regrets to mention that he purchased a 105.012 for US $255. One would expect to pay PS15,000.